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Masters/Adult Diving Updated 26-OCt 2016 by Grant

Details of all forthcoming UK and European Masters events are on the front page of the GBDF web site

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Upcoming Competitions.


Flip 'n' Rip Diving Competition

Click HERE for full results

The Flip’n’Rip adult diving competition was held on 8th October at the Royal Commonwealth Pool in Edinburgh.  Divers chose which category to dive in - Dippers, Flippers or Rippers - based on the ability to perform a range a dives.  This ensure a wide field of all levels of diver from beginner to seasoned veteran to take part.  There were also a handful of children diving as “guests” – the entry criteria being that they had to have a parent competing.

It was encouraging to see many divers from the Edinburgh Leisure diving program attending their first competition, and it really adds another dimension to their involvement with the sport to take it from a training session to a full-blown competition with their names up in lights on the scoreboard.

There was an hour of practice before the main competition, which allowed divers to polish their competition dives before focusing on the main event.  The Dippers and Flippers were first up, performing 4 dives each, followed by the Rippers with their 6 dives per head.

All manner of dives were performed, from basic jumps through to armstands with double summersaults, and all points in between.   There was a good crowd of spectators on the orange seats, and the pool was filled with applause, laughter and the occasional grimace when a dive landed flat.  It’s fair to say that the variety of skills on show kept the audience entertained.

After 3 hours of diving, all that remained was for the results to be announced, with the medallist standing proud on the commonwealth games podium.   

Sat 8th Oct 2016 14:00 to 17:00

Click here for information

Winter Masters
11-13 November 2016, Royal Tunbridge Wells


Spring Masters 16th/17th April 2016

This year’s Spring Masters competition took place at the Manchester Aquatics Centre, and saw Edinburgh Masters Diving (EMD) take a team of 8 divers, along with Rebecca Graham providing the all-important mental and physical toning required to keep us at the peak of our athleticism! 

Branding was spot-on, with coordinated T-Shirts pool side making us look and feel like a true team.  Once in the water, the EDM magic continued with a haul of 13 medals by the end of the weekend.

Competitions were held at Masters and Novice level over 1m, 3m and platform.

Jo Skinner shone as usual with 3 golds, and some beautiful diving, despite some last minute nerves prior to the 1m comp.

Janette stepped up to Masters this year, and had a great comp with consistent diving for 4th place in the 1m and 3m.

Becky had a great competition, with bronze on 1m and 3m, and a fantastic silver on p/f. 

Nick’s famous perfect entries ensured gold on 1m and 3m, and a silver on p/f.  A great way to end his novice career.

Roddy, Sandy and Rich moved up to Masters springboard this year, putting them in with the big boys.  Next year, we hope to see everyone in Masters platform as well.

Roddy placed 6th in the 1m, despite a wee incident leaving him with a blood blister under the nail off his reverse dive on 1m.  Following surgery that evening, he was shaken and almost pulled out of the 3m.  However, he bravely executed the reverse again, and it turned out to be the best dive of his tournament, securing another 6th place.  Bronze in the novice p/f followed.

Sandy placed 5th in 1m and 3m, with some nice diving.  A gold in platform was secured with some brave dives, including a reverse (with slightly unconventional entry).

Rich surpassed his target in his first Masters competitions, with a solid penultimate placing in both 1m and 3m, following some steady diving.  A gold in the platform ensured he went home happy.

Grant competed in 1m only this year, finishing 7th with his steady dives.   We hope to see him back on the full competition sheet next year.

The weekend had a real buzz about it – and I hope we can use the momentum to take even more divers for the next competitions.    The inclusion of Chuck Flipps and Starhorse will only add to the EDM legend…. 

Flip 'n' Rip Diving Competition Sat 10th Oct 2015

Well done to all the competitors - fantastic competition and great atmosphere.
Special thanks to Charlotte, Rebecca and Toby for giving up their spare time to judge and generally look after us.
Also well done to Lewis Thomas - no-one managed to "beat the boy" - but we'll keep trying!  
See you next time....
results - men
results - women


* GBDF Spring Masters 2015 Royal Commonwealth Pool 18-19 April 2015

Full results here.

The GBDF Masters Diving returned to the Commie in April 2015 after a 7-year absence. Once again, the Edinburgh Masters Diving Team covered themselves in glory with an awesome total of 17 medals, including 7 Gold, 5 Silver and 5 Bronze.

The even better news is that we welcomed *five* new divers to the team, bringing us up to a total of 11, a new Edinburgh record and by far the largest team at the competition. Hats off to all five new divers who delivered a total of 8 medals. In no particular order:

Robert McCubbin in Novice Men's 16-29 took Gold on Platform, Silver on 1M and a creditable 4th on 3M, chucking a back dive tuck that he'd only learned days before.

Nick Smith in Novice Men's 30-49 took Gold on 1M, Bronze on 3M and a fighting 4th on Platform with a very respectable 76 points.

Sandy McKay had a dream start to his Masters diving career with a brace of Golds on 1M and 3M in the Novice Men's 50-69 category. Sandy, for Those About To Rip, We Salute You :)

Greg Anderson in his first novice competition put in four solid dives in a very competitive field of seven divers.

Roddy McBlane left the pool on Sunday clutching a brace of Bronze medals well-earned in the Novice Men's 50-69 1M and 3M comps.

Moving on to the more experienced divers..

Rich Thomas in the Novice Men's 30-49 took Gold on 3M with an excellent back dive pike (I know cos I scored it 6.5) and a Silver in the Platform, just a couple of points ahead of his Edinburgh team-mate Nick Smith. Nick got his revenge on 1M though, smashing it with over 100 points, Rich just missing out on a medal by a point.

Christie O'Carroll in her second Novice Ladies 30-49 comp took Bronze on 1M, well done Christie - remember to breathe ! :)

Adrian Ashby who had just returned from Gran Canaria the night before tendered a varied list of dives in the Men's 30-39 3M Masters. It was all going according to plan right up to and including the inward 2.5 which the judges deemed to be an inward 2 and a bit. Without the failed dive, Adrian would have been knocking at the door for a medal but more power to you for chucking it.

Janette Wood also left on Sunday with a brace of Gold medals in the Novice Ladies 50-69 1M and 3M. Janette is already booked in for Corby in November, way to go Janette !

Lastly, our two most experienced (a.k.a. "best") divers, Sarah Bainbridge and Jo Skinner earned 4 medals between them. Jo made it a hat-trick of Silvers in the Ladies 30-39 events, Sarah put in a gutsy performance in the Ladies 40-49 Platform, earning herself a Silver medal. She set herself a challenging list on 3M but didn't quite hit the form she'd shown in training. Isn't that so often the case in diving - I feel your pain !

Jo's last dive on 1M, a back summy straight, generated the biggest cheer of the day as she over-balanced, looking for all the world like "null pointes" then did a lightning-fast last-minute dive salvage maneouvre, hitting the water feet-first and earning about 5 points. As they say in Yorkshire, "Owt's better than Nowt".

All in all, a fantastic weekend - onward and upward for Edinburgh Masters Diving.

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Comps, Events and Local News

2014 GBDF Winter Masters Manchester 1-2 November 2014

The results are in !

Congratz to:

  • Toby, Silver in Masters 16-29 and just missing out on the medals with 4th place in the Men's Fun Comp 16-29
  • Adrian, Silver in Novice 30-49
  • Janette, Silver in Novice Ladies 50+

Solid performances from:

  1. Grant, 6th out of 11 in the Men's Masters 40-49 and 11th from 20 in the Men's Fun Comp 30-49
  2. Christie, 7th from 8 in the Ladies Novice 30-49 in her first comp - hats off to you Christie, great effort.
  3. Rich, 4th in Men's Novice 30-49 and 17th from 20 in the Men;s Fun Comp 30-49

As planned, Grant and Rich chucked a few dives in the Synchro on the Sunday and finished in 26th (aka "last") place - Again !

Black 'n' Blue 2015

What a time we had

Edinburgh Adult/Masters Diving Social

Thanks to everyone that came along to Mother India in October. Looking at dates for a festive/end of year night out.

Documentary about Edinburgh Masters Divers

Marcin and Ondrej are a couple of Edinburgh-based film makers who contacted us back in October 2013. Here is the latest email from Marcin received last week :

"Hi Grant,
It has been very long time since we spoke last time. Me and Ondrej have been extremely busy with our creative enterprise, studying towards M/A in Creative Enterprise and filmmaking.
I have intentions to apply for this year's scheme called "Bridging the Gap", that is organized by Scottish Documentary Institute, and through which 10 filmmakers could get a chance to develop their projects further. For our 12th edition of Bridging the Gap, they are looking for character-led stories, inspired by situations where differences and diversity are seen as sources of strength and inspiration. Therefore, I was wondering if you would be interested in making documentary on you and other adult divers? The deadline for sending proposals is 10th October, and if selected the next stage of development would take about 3 months.
I would like to develop further as a documentary filmmaker and I am constantly searching for opportunities to make films that could be inspiring. I think what you do with divers class in truly inspiring and this is kind of story that is worth to be shared. I cannot promise what income could it be and whether you might gain much out of it. I can see it as promising topic for film, and possibility to make something that should be heard by other people."

I've replied to Marcin and given him the days/times when we train and hopefully we'll see him and Ondrej at the pool. Feel free to chat to them - they're nice guys !

Welcome back Alice Pye !

What a difference a few days can make. A week ago we were wishing Alice all the best in her new career as a ballet teacher in Harrogate. Image our surprise (and delight) when she pitches up at Masters Training a mere seven days later :) She just couldn't stay away...

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Adult Diving Classes at RCP and Wester Hailes Education Centre

The RCP diving programme now has *four* adult diving classes at the following times :

  • Tuesday 730-830PM
  • Wednesday 1230-130PM
  • Thursday 830-930PM
  • Sunday 1000AM-12PM

The evening classes tend to run at near-capacity but there is a waiting list, and as divers often drop-off (no pun intended) courses, it's worth putting your name down for the next available place. Wednesday lunchtime tends to be quieter. These are not drop-in sessions unfortunately - you need to book a term in advance. Full details including pricing on the Edinburgh Leisure web site.

The Sunday AM class is targeted at competing Masters and is 2 hours long with an hour of dry land training and an hour in the pool. It is not essential that you are a competing diver but the expectation is that if you book into this class, you aspire to compete at some stage. It's not advertised on the EL site and is currently running at near-capacity.

Wester Hailes Education Centre which is not part of Edinburgh Leisure (it's a school that happens to have a swimming/diving pool) has a Monday evening class from 730-815PM. The Wester Hailes pool has limited diving facilities but there is a separate diving pool with a 3/4 length 1m springboard and a 2m platform, into 3.4m depth of water. It's great for practising standing dives, not so great for forward 2.5 and at the moment the adult class has only three participants. It's also cheaper than the RCP which is great if you're on a budget.

Are you over 16 and want to learn to dive in a relaxed, casual atmosphere with a bunch of relaxed friendly over 16s ?

There are currently four adult diving sessions that are organised broadly in line with the school terms - follow the link and contact the front desk for at the RCP for more info and please note that some courses have limited places so need to be booked well in advance.

These are not drop-in sessions, you have to pay for a term in advance. If you'd rather just come now and again when time permits, there are frequent Public Coached Sessions where one of the experienced EDC coaches will be poolside to help with novice divers.

During the coached public sessions, the higher platform boards will be opened (usually 3m/7.5m alternating with 5m/10m) and you are allowed to jump as long as you have the permission of the poolside coach. This is a great time to get some free coaching from the experts and test your nerve on the higher boards :D

At other times, the Diving Pool is available for "Casual Diving" - this is the 1m and 3m Springboards only. It's still a great time to practice those somersaults and tuck shapes though. Kids can jump from the boards now (i.e. land feet first), in any of the sessions.

If you'd like more information about adult diving or want to meet some of us, just email masters@edinburghdivingclub.org.uk

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Competitive Masters Diving

If you get to the stage where you can do four dives covering at least two of the following six dive types/groups :

  • Forward Dive
  • Inward Dive
  • Back Dive
  • Reverse Dive
  • Dive with a half or full twist
  • Armstand Dive

then congratulations ! You have made the grade and are ready to compete in Novice Masters. Competitive Masters diving is about as much fun as you can have in a pair of budgie smugglers or tight-cut swimsuit, and spans the whole age range from sixteen year-olds right up to the occasional diver in their 70s or very rarely in their 80s. The competitions are done in Age Groups and also split into Novice and Masters, the main difference being that Masters generally need six (or seven) dives per competition rather than four for Novice.

British (GBDF) Masters are usually held twice a year, the Spring Masters in April and the Winter Masters in November. Sometimes there is also a Summer Masters but this varies year to year. The competitions in the Spring Masters tends to be done on individual boards (1m, 3m and Platform) whereas the Winter Masters has a mixed-board competition i.e. divers need to use more than one board per competition. As far as I can tell, this is a unique format and suits novice and inexperienced masters divers - you need fewer dives to compete as you can split the dives across two or three boards. By contrast, the Spring Masters is a more traditional 1m, 3m and Platform competition format.

How Many Dives Do I Need ?

For GBDF Novice comps, you generally need 4 dives per competition. Sometimes the entry conditions will permit you to repeat a dive at 1.0 tariff i.e. your dive score is not multiplied by the degree of difficulty (DD). Very rarely, some comps will allow a jump as opposed to a dive. For GBDF Masters, you generally need six or seven dives, reducing to five dives in the older age groups. Older divers are sometimes restricted to feet-first entires from the 10M platform, for reasons of safety, although this generates a fair bit of debate.

What Are "Entry Conditions" ?

Every comp will have a set of rules that will tell you what dives are needed for each Age Group. The conditions for Novice and Masters will be different. Novices generally need fewer dives and will cover fewer groups. For example, a typical Novice comp will require 4 dives from 2 groups (see above). If you have some spare time, you can read all the FINA Diving (and Judging) rules here.

Most of us jump straight to page 25 (Appendix 1) where the table of DD (degree of difficulty) can be found. The higher the DD, the bigger the multiplier for your dive.

Is a Forward Dive Tuck a different dive from a Forward Dive Pike ?

Short answer = No. Dives are considered "different" if they are :

  • In a different direction/group (Forward, Backward, Inward, Reverse, Twist or Armstand)
  • Have a different number of half rotations - a forward somersault (two half rotations) is a different dive from a forward 1.5 somersaults (three half rotations). Please note that a "rotation" is 180 degrees, so a basic forward dive is one rotation. A jump has no rotations.

What are the Age Group Ranges ?

For GBDF comps, Novice 16-29, 30-49 and 50+, Masters 16-29,30-39,40-49,50-59,60-69 and 70+. The conditions get easier the older you get. The higher the fewer !

What Happens If I Do The Wrong Dive ?

You score zero. Life's a bitch sometimes. Listen to the announcer ! They will call your dive name before each dive. At "posh" events, there's a scoreboard too which might show your dive number.

How Fierce Is The Competition ?

We all like to win, but some of us just enjoy the taking part. There is always plenty of banter and a social event on the Saturday night, but please note that if you are under 18 you need a letter from your club's CPO to say you will be suitably chaperoned. To get a flavour of the sort of standard needed, have a look at the Edinburgh divers YouTube video below from 2012. The Edinburgh team spans the whole range of ages and abilities from Novice to some former national champions.

Do I Need To Be A Member of a Diving Club to Enter ?

No - you can dive "unaffiliated" if your pool doesn't have a club, or your club doesn't have a Masters team

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Our Past Glories...

A catalog of our team events going back to 2010.

2013 GBDF Winter Masters Manchester 2-3 November 2013

A team of nine (yes, nine) Edinburgh Masters divers made it to the GBDF Winter Masters in Manchester. The team included two first-time Masters divers.

Day 1 and it's a brace of Golds for Edinburgh with Janette Wood and Mairi McIntosh both on the podium in their Novice events. It was also a brace of Bronzes with Orla Gilmore medalling in her comp including a spectacular closing forward 2.5 piked from 10m.

It was also Bronze for Adrian Ashby in his first comp with a great closing inward 1.5 on 3m and just shy of 100 points for 4 dives. In other news, respectable placings/points totals for all the Edinburgh divers including Richard Thomas in his first competition, Jo Skinner in the fiercely competitive women's 30-39 age group (178 points from 6 dives), Sarah Bainbridge just missing out on a medal after a brave attempt at an inward double on 3 and Grant Forrest finishing 6th out of 12 in his first ever full masters event.

Day 2 (Sunday) was the fun and synchro competitions, with Orla and Jo finishing 6th out of 26 in a comp that saw some seriously high-quality high-tarriff diving, although sadly not from the other two EDC pairings - Richard/Grant and Mairi/Janette finishing 25th and 26th respectively. In the mixed-club pairings, Sarah Bainbridge and her partner Katie Bell from Amersham performed their trademark back 1¼ from 1m to finish a respectable 15th.

The star of the EDC show was once again Orla who, although technically domiciled in Dundee, will be claimed by EDC, especially as she struck Gold in the women's fun comp 30-49 and also won Gold in the overall Ladies Winners. A true athlete whose skill and daring is an example to us all.

2013 GBDF Spring Masters Luton Results

Only Sarah and Jo made it for this one - well done Jo, Silver in Platform, Janette returned with a brace of Golds on 1m and 3m Novice springboard comps.

2012 GBDF Winter Masters Sunderland Results

Sarah, Jo, Richard, Grant, Janette, Orla, Will, Laura, Anna and Victoria all made it - some kind of EDC Masters record ??

Medalists aplenty :

Anna Sless Gold in Ladies 16-29 (Victoria Smart 5th and Laura Smith 9th of 12)

Orla Gilmore Silver in Ladies 30-39

Jo Skinner Bronze in Ladies 30-39

Sarah Bainbridge Bronze in Ladies 40-49

Janette Wood Bronze in Novice Ladies 50+ and Bronze in Ladies Fun Comp 50-69

Will McGibbon Silver in Novice Men 16-29

Full Results

Will was appointed official videograher for the EDC Masters - superb footage and camera skills Will :D



Results 2012

Two Edinburgh Masters divers went down to Manchester for the GBDF Spring Masters in 2012 and came back with four medals. Simon Jackson took Gold on all three boards, including an incredible 324.65 points total on 3M, a full 84 points ahead of the 2nd placed diver.

After the disappointment of coming last (albeit with a failed dive, listen harder to the announcer next time) on 1M, Grant Forrest managed Silver in the Novice Men's 3M 30-49 age group.

Highlights from 2011

The Edinburgh Masters Team covered themselves in glory at the Dutch Masters in Eindhoven in March 2011.

A total of six medals came back with three divers :

  • In the Novice 18-34 competition, Judy took Gold on 1m, Bronze on 3m and Silver on Platform
  • In the Masters 25-29 comp, Vicki won Bronze on 1m and
  • In the Novice 35-49 comp Grant won Gold on 1m and 3m

Full Results

Judy 1m Judy 1m Vicki 1m Vicki 3m Judy 3m Judy 3m Judy 3m

Grant 3m Grant 3m Judy Gold Vicki Bronze Grant Gold



Spring Masters Manchester

  • Simon Jackson Gold in 3M 30-49 and Gold in 1M Open
  • Grant Forrest Bronze in 3M Novice

Irish Open Dublin

  • Grant Forrest Bronze in 1M and 3M Novice

Winter Masters, Maltby

  • Simon Jackson Gold in 40-49 Champs
  • Grant Forrest Silver in 30-49 Novice, Gold in Novice Footloose 30-49
  • Ultimate highlight - 5th place in the Synchro went to S.Jackson and G.Forrest, an unlikely pairing and even unlikelier (is that a word?) synchro marks.

About Masters Diving

Masters events are perfect for divers aged 16+ of all abilities that want to compete in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. There is always a social event on the Saturday that makes for some interesting training on Sunday morning.

The Entry Conditions vary for the three UK competitions (Spring, Summer and Winter) but if you can perform four basic dives from 1M and 3M then why not have a go in a Novice Masters comp ?
The Great Britain Diving Federation (GBDF) now has its own Facebook page

Interested ?

Get in touch with any of the EDC Masters - (Grant, Sarah, Jo, Janette and Adrian are the 'regulars') either at the pool or through the Facebook Group fb icon.

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