Edinburgh Diving Club

Founded in 1971

Scottish Levels League

Novice & Age Group events will be held throughout the year, with Thistle Trophy & Scottish National
Championships being the last competition to count.


SASA Levels Competition Requirements 2017


The SASA Levels competitions will comprise both a Novice Level and an Age Group Level.


The Novice Level includes the following events:

-          7 & Under

-          Level 1

-          Level 2


Within Levels 1 and 2 there will be three age categories as follows (age as at 31st December in year of competition):

-          Divers aged 8-10 years

-          Divers aged 11-13 years

-          Divers aged 14-16 years


The Age Group event will be held twice annually. There will be no separate age categories within this level.


Novice Level



7 & Under:

P/S       101 a or c (No tariff)

1m       Straight jump (Bouncing)

            1 Dive (Tariff counting)

            Pike Fall


Level 1:

P/S       101c

Back pike sit (Arms start in T position)

1m       Hurdle jump straight  (Maximum 2 step hurdle)

101c (Bouncing)

            1 Dive from any other group

3m       10b (Hands grabbed)


10a (Hands grabbed, no bend at hips)


Level 2:

P/S       101a

            200c (With armswing, arms start in T position)


            32b (Arms start in T position)

1m       Hurdle jump straight (Maximum 2 step hurdle)

            200a (With back press T start)

            Bouncing 101c or 103c

            1 dive from back, reverse or inward group (except 201a)

3m       10b  (Hands grabbed)


            20a  (Hands start on thighs)



Age Group Level



-          Divers must compete 5 dives from 3 groups, irrespective of level or age

-          There is no tariff limit 

-          All divers compete in the same competition irrespective of age


Further information



Back press armswing :

-          Arms start in T position

-          Diver performs 1-3 ankle rocks

-          Final high ankle lift with simultaneous arm lift

-          Arms begin downward movement from above head into back press

-          Good posture and balance is key throughout the movement



-          Arms may start either in front or behind body, straight arms, palms face backwards

-          One low bounce, followed by

-          One complete bounce with armswing before performing the required skill



A maximum of 2 steps in the hurdle is required in order to encourage good technique in the hurdle.



A 10a is used in Level 1 with the aim of improving the quality of the front line up & ‘rip’ entry and to help learn and develop 020a.