Edinburgh Diving Club

Founded in 1971


Please note that the squads listed below are those that may have divers invited...

  • If a squad is listed, it does not mean that all divers in the squad will be invited to the competition.
  • Invites to competitions will be sent out to individual divers in due time.
  • If you would like more information about your diver's specific competition plan for 2019 please contact their coach directly.

2019 Diving Events Calendar



11-13th Talent Zone Camp 5&1 Leeds GB Team Z Level Elite/EP
19th SASA Levels Edinburgh

Level 4/3/2 &     Level 2 14+

Note: Level 3=1m board & Level 4=3m board



31st-3rd Feb SENET Cup  Eindhoven, Holland YDS Level  Elite/EP 
31st-3rd Feb National Cup 2019 Plymouth Elite(S); Performance/Elite
14-17th FINA Grand Prix Rostock,Germany GB Selection Performance
16-19th Armada Cup Plymouth Age Group EP/JC/All Stars
19-24th Team J & Y Camp Plymouth TBC GB Team Y Elite


1-3rd Talent Zone Camp 2&6 Southend GB Team Z Elite/EP
1-3rd FINA World Series #1 Japan GB Selection Performance
2nd SASA Levels Ayr 7 & under, L1 & L2  
7-9th FINA World Series #2 China GB Selection Performance
14-17th Gstar Leeds Elite(J&S) Performance/Elite/EP
27th East Districts Edinburgh 3m springboard Performance/Elite/JC/EP/All Stars/JP


4-7th FINA Grand Prix Calgary,Canada GB Selection Performance
6th SASA Levels Edinburgh 7&under/Level1, Level 2, Level 2 14+  
11-14th Junior Elites Sheffield Elite(J) Performance/Elite/EP
11-14th FINA Grand Prix Mission Vejo, America GB selection Performance
25-28th International Youth Meet Dresden GB selection Performance/Elite
26-28th FINA World Series #3 Canada GB selection Performance
27-28th Shipley Novices Bradford Esprit Skills 2 All Stars/Shooting Stars/Development/JP


3rd-5th SNAGS & Thistle Trophy Aberdeen Skills 1&2 + Age Group JC/All Stars/ShootingStars/Little Rippers/JP/Development/Entry
8th Ogden and Lockerbie Trophy Edinburgh Age Group+Elite Performance/Elite/JC/JP/All Stars
10-12th FINA World Series #4 Kazan, Russia GB Selection Performance
17-19th FINA World Series #5 London GB Selection Performance


31-2 June British Championships Edinburgh Elite(S) Performance/Elite
12th East Districts Edinburgh Platform Performance/Elite/JC/EP/All Stars/JP
21-23rd Talent Zone Camp 7&3 Sheffield GB Team Z Elite/EP
16th SASA Levels Dundee Level 1 &2 / Level 2 14+  
24-30th European Junior Champs Russia GB Team GB Junior Team Selection
27-30th National Age Groups Ponds Forge, Sheffield Age Group EP/JC/All Stars


3rd-15th World University Games Napoli,Italy GB selection Performance
6-7th National Skills Finals Plymouth Skills 2 JC/All Stars/ShootingStars/Little Rippers/JP/Development/Entry
4-7th Croatia Open Croatia Elite + Group D Elite/EP
12-20th Fina World Champs South Korea GB Selection Performance
15-28th Summer  Squad Break Scottish, All Squads TBC


5-11th European Champs Kiev,Ukraine GB Selection Performance


8th Hydro Novices Harrogate Skills 1 TID/All Stars/Shooting Stars/Development/JP
15th SASA Levels Aberdeen mini-E, all Squads Note:- Level 3=3m board & Level 4=Platform
15th Luton Novices Luton Skills 1 All Stars/Shooting Stars/JP
28th EDC Championships Edinburgh All All Squads


11-13th Talent Zone Camp 4 Southampton GB Team Z Southhampton
16th East Districts Edinburgh 1m springboard Performance/Elite/JC/EP/All Stars/JP
TBC Southampton Invitational Southampton Age Group/Elite All Stars/JC/EP?
18-21st TeamY & Assessment Camp tbc GB Team Y  TBC
19-20th White Rose Leeds Skills 2 All Stars/Shooting Stars/JP
25-27th Margenalen Diving Cup Stockholm,Sweden Skills 2,Age Group EP/All Stars


2nd Liz Atkinson Talent Games  Edinburgh TBC TBC
9th SASA Levels  Edinburgh

mini-E, all Squads

Note: Level 3=Platform & Level 4=1m
16-17th English TID Talent Games Leeds Tracking Event TBC
21-24th Irish Open Dublin, Ireland Skills 2,Age Group,Elite Performance/Elite/JC/JP


5-8th Scottish National & OPEN Championships Edinburgh Invite Performance/Elite/EP/JC
21st YDS Camp Edinburgh Scottish Swimming Youth Development Squad