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Summary of Squads and Classes

Divers are invited to join Edinburgh Leisure diving squads because their potential has been recognised from within the Edinburgh Leisure “Learn to Dive” Programme. Whilst Edinburgh Leisure squads cater for all levels of diving It is important that the correct level of training is available for divers, to enable them to continue their diving career for as long as possible.

There are currently six squads in the programme.

The squad booklet explains the structure of the programme, the different squads, dive requirements and the training times. Anyone requiring a paper or e-mail copy of the squad booklet please speak to Vicki

  • Each squad has requirements and criteria that must be met.  See details below.
  • Movement between squads is possible at any time, not only at the end of a term
  • All squad members are invited to join Edinburgh Diving club and therefore must adhere to the Code of Conduct set out in the EDC Welcome Pack. Any diver failing to comply may be asked to leave the club.

There are three pathways to follow in the Edinburgh Leisure diving programme

The Novice Category is where most of our divers will start their training. This category of diving and the necessary training is fairly relaxed. Competitions are available at home and in England for divers aged 5 to 18 years, with Edinburgh divers able to compete in team and individual events.

The Age Group / Elite Category is the more demanding area of diving and the diver will usually progress from Novice to Age Group. More complex dives have to be performed from the 1 metre and 3 metre springboards or platforms (5m, 7.5m or 10m depending on age). Training is more intense with extra dry land and conditioning work. At present we do not have a platform training facility readily available in Edinburgh and have therefore decided to concentrate on springboard diving. There may be opportunities for platform training although this will not be a regular occurrence and a diver's coach will inform the diver if this applies to them or not.

MASTERS DIVING is a really great way to stay involved in diving, when perhaps divers do not want to commit to a hard training and competition schedule but still very much enjoy diving. Masters diving comes without all the pressure of hard training sessions or stressful competitions. Any novice diver over the age of 16 can compete in GB masters competitions, and Age Group divers wanting to ease up on their training can also compete in masters competitions once they are over the age of 16. Masters diving is great fun with lots of socialising opportunities. There are usually two main GB masters competitions each year with additional club invitational events.

Squad Summary

Novice 1 Squad is for novice divers aged 10 years and under and is usually the entry squad for divers from the
Edinburgh Leisure beginner programme. Divers in this squad should have learnt a good set of poolside skills from the
„Learn to dive? beginner classes and completed their Scottish Swimming grade 5 badge. Divers in this squad are aiming to
learn a list of dives suitable to compete in the Scottish Swimming „Levels? competitions which are held every 2-3 months
around Scotland. This is mainly a „learning squad? with divers aiming to learn a set of 4 line ups on the 3m board as well
as a forward, inward and back dive tuck from the 1m springboard.

Novice 2 Squad is for Novice divers aged 12 and under who have the required skills to compete in British Novice
competitions such as the White Rose Diving competition held in Leeds each October. (See Individual squad page below
for a list of dives) Divers in this squad should be committed to learning a set of dives from both the 1m and 3m boards in
each of the 5 directions.

Development Squad is for both Novice and Age group divers aged 12 +. This squad trains either two or three times a
week depending on the divers individual goals and competitions the diver wishes to compete in. Divers in this squad have
the flexibility to set their own goals depending on their personal targets.

Performance Squad is for divers who can competently perform an age group list from the 1m and 3m spring board with minimum degree of difficulty requirements set by the head coach.

National Age Group Squad is for Age Group divers who are members of the Scottish Swimming National age group training programme. This squad is selected entirely at the discretion of the acting Scottish National Coach and the National Diving convener. Again there is a minimum degree of difficulty requirement which is set by the acting Scottish National coach.

National Elite Squad is the most senior squad in the Edinburgh Leisure programme and is run with the support of Scottish Swimming. This squad is by invitation only if the diver has gained the required scores and is made up of the Scottish Swimming National elite divers who train in Edinburgh. Divers are continually tested to remain on the squad and are expected to be committed to an exctensive training programme set by their coach whilst maintaining their fitness levels.   

  • At any time in their diving career, divers can elect, or be asked to move squads depending on their level of progress or commitment.
  • Places in National squad are reviewed at the end of each year. Divers may be removed from the squad during the year if the National Coach and the National Diving Committee feel that the diver is not fully motivated. Discussions between diver and coaches would be held prior to any decision being made.