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Novice 1 Squad

Novice 1 Squad is for novice divers aged 10 years and under and is usually the entry squad for divers from the Edinburgh Leisure beginner programme. Divers in this squad should have learnt a good set of poolside skills from the ‘Learn to dive’ beginner classes and completed their Scottish Swimming grade 5 badge. Divers in this squad are aiming to learn a list of dives suitable to compete in the Scottish Swimming ‘Levels’ competitions which are held every 2-3 months around Scotland. This is mainly a ‘learning squad’ with divers aiming to learn a set of 4 line ups on the 3m board as well as a forward, inward and back dive tuck from the 1m springboard.

Novice 1 Squad
Age 10 years and under (guidelines only)
Training One wet session and one dry session per week
Training Times Monday
5.00 pm - 6.00 pm (alongside Novice 2 squad)
3.30 pm - 4.30 pm (Dry Training)
Requirements Working towards Set of novice dives corresponding to diver’s age group. Good, flexibility, posture and demonstrate good basic skills in the pool.
Aiming to achieve Good dry land and gymnastic skills in preparation for new dives in the pool High Talent Identification scores.
Attendance 75% attendance.
Attitude Willing to learn new dives whilst having fun and learning about the sport of diving.

We would expect divers in Novice 1 squad to compete in the following competitions:

  • SASA Levels Competition
  • The Thistle Trophy
  • Edinburgh Diving Club Novice Championships
Aims Introduce a hurdle step
Forward dive tuck
Inward dive tuck
Back dive tuck
4 different line ups from the 3 metre board
To achieve excellent poolside skills
Diver of the Term This can be awarded for:
  • Attitude
  • Attendance
  • Dry improvement
  • Wet improvement
  • New dives learned
  • New land skills acquired
  • Competition results